Why should you choose ROM casa working space

To our guest stay in our hostel, especially Digital nomads, you guys don’t need to worry about there is no space to work when you are traveling. WE WILL GIVE YOU $5 DEPOSIT EVERY DAY FOR USING OUR WORKING SPACE.

To everyone living in Da Nang, now is the time to change your habit, why you should come to us? These are 5 reasons:

1. Low start-up cost
ROM casa working space offer freelancers and individual entrepreneurs a chance to work in a fully equipped office without worrying about the costs of setting up an actual office. By getting a shared space, you can easily operate your business without needing to compute and allocate funds for building rent, fire insurance, office equipment and various other expenses that come with starting a business.

Even if you can afford it, the time spent on sourcing equipment and furniture, talking to contractors and getting licenses is precious resource that should go to building your business.

With a shared office, everything is already included, so it’s plug and play.

2. Flexibility
It is extremely easy to scale up a shared office space as you grow your business. You can tailor your contract to suit a one-person business, a team of two, or a company of five. There’s a meeting space that can accommodate up to 7 people.

3. Central location
Your clients won’t have a hard time finding you because ROM casa is located in An Thuong area, an area too famous for foreigners. If you are renting your own office, you might need to sacrifice location for low monthly rent. By going for a shared office, you get an address in the heart of the business district with 24/7 access to transportation, cafés, gym and even shopping boutiques.

4. Networking opportunities
Renting space in a shared office comes with the added perk of being surrounded by goal oriented and high-achieving people. This is an opportunity to network with small business owners, edge thinkers, professional freelancers and other entrepreneurs.

Being part of a coworking community means you are surrounded by potential partners, clients or mentors. You can easily outsource great talents to help you with specific projects or time sensitive tasks.

5. Promotes work-life balance
“All work no play” is a phenomenon you’ll never experience when you’re in a shared office. Coworking spaces are great as they promote work-life balance by providing venues to de-stress and recharge during a day of tiring work.

ROM casa also have a rooftop terrace with hammocks if you need a little time for yourself and even a little nap.

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